Fargo group envisions ‘100% autonomous farm’ – AGWEEK

Fargo group envisions ‘100% autonomous farm’ – AGWEEK


The so-called “Grand Farm Initiative” is proposed to be completed by 2025, or in seven years, with the SBA funding.

Emerging Prairie, a nonprofit corporation based in Fargo, on Aug. 24 sent in a 15-page application backed by 30 letters of support to SBA for one of seven federal contracts for “regional innovation clusters,” says Emerging Prairie co-founder and executive director Greg Tehven (pronounced “teh-VEEN”). Tehven didn’t know for sure, but expects it might be awarded within a couple of months.


A successful SBA grant would be a “first step” and “accelerant” in a succession of events that could occur over several years. The grant would be five years at $500,000 per year, or a total of $2.5 million. Programs would be added over the five years, starting with an “inventory” of resources—vehicles, sensors, software and hardware— that is currently available.


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Photo Credit: Photo taken Aug. 23, 2018, in Fargo, N.D. (Forum News Service/Agweek/Mikkel Pates)