Innovation Challenge Showcase

NDSU students presented their business ideas at the midway point through the Innovation Challenge in a showcase style format. They presented to judges privately throughout the day then at 5:00 PM when the event opened to the public. NDSU students, faculty, staff and community members voted for the Dr. Well’s $1,000 People’s Choice Award.


NDSU President Dean Bresciani, ND Commissioner, Jay Schuler, Chief Storyteller at Bold Thinking, Dr. Jeffrey Stamp, and NDSU Research and Technology Park Executive Director, Chuck Hoge all spoke on the importance of entrepreneurial skills. The Innovation Challenge helps to hone those skills and instills the drive to create in students from the beginning of their college career.


At the conclusion of the program, the sponsors in attendance selected the Sponsor’s Choice Award, providing Micah Johnson and Jared Kugler with the opportunity to meet with Shane Waslaski, President and CEO of Intelligent InSites to help them discover new ways of thinking about their project and how to bring it to market. Treker has developed a mobilized wheel-chair that has tracks that increase traction in winter seasons and allow the user to climb stairs!


The Dr. Well’s $1,000 People’s Choice Award was presented to Braden Lach, Aaron Knudtson, and Jason Schirck, with Whip Cord. They developed a football helmet with features that will decrease the risk of concussions during the hard hits associated with the contact sport.


“We are proud of the innovations these students have developed, and we hope to see them continue to pursue their passion for entrepreneurship and new ideas. The showcase is an outstanding time for the public to interact with students and learn more about their outstanding ideas. Students love to share their ideas, and the public gets an opportunity to meet students with a passion for change.”

                        -Chuck Hoge, Executive Director, NDSU Research & Technology Park


Students used this time to learn more about how they can improve and appeal to potential investors. The showcase provides the community with the unique opportunity to take an in-depth look at what students are working on. These students are the future of the community. The NDSU Research and Technology Park works to help teach and encourage them to create the best future for us all.