KVRR News Coverage from Pitch Night 2018

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 FARGO, N.D. — NDSU students are taking part in the Innovation Challenge Pitch night on campus. The event gives students a chance to share their business ideas, get feedback from professionals, and find ways to take that idea and transform it into an actual business.


“Wow! I want to be like that guy! It makes it seem like it’s possible to actually go out and achieve success on your own,” NDSU student Tyler Toepke-Floyd said.


“To know that people have done it before me is the perfect push for me to get going and take my idea to the next level,” NDSU student Nick Broberg added.

Have you ever brainstormed the perfect idea? Have you ever thought of a product or business that could be the next big thing? For years NDSU’s students have been doing just that and therefore inspriring new students to do the same… and a lot them have some clever new ideas!


“I’m looking to pitch the next big innovative idea,” Broberg said. “Personally I’m coming with an energy gel that’s organic and natural and actually tastes good for long distance athletes.”


Tonight I’ll be pitching a non-profit idea,” said NDSU student Theodore Zipoy. “At the end of the year a lot of students that are buying meal plans will have a lot of leftover meals. This year our idea is to work with the people on campus and take those meals and give them to people who actually need them.”


And while some students are still in the early stages of planning and wrinkling out the kinks, other students have actually seen their idea come to life.


“From the two years in innovation challenge that we were working on our project, we’ve now actually started a company based off this product,” said Toepke-Floyd. “It’s the pack-and-go ramp which is a portable loading ramp for loading ATV’s and 4-wheelers and vehicles of that type. It works with our novel telescoping and folding design that actually allows it to fit under the back seat of a pick-up when its fully stored.”


Regardless of how far along they are on the project, the students agree Innovation Challenge and NDSU has been the perfect place to grow their ideas. “NDSU has always been there to kind of say ‘Absolutely! Take what you want. We’ll try to help you get there,’” said Zipoy. “We had a lot of questions and we just really didn’t have answers,” added Toepke-Floyd. “Luckily there are professionals at the Research Park also our professors who are great advisers and helping us get off the ground.”



The best pitches will win prizes, such as money to help fund the students’ ideas