Meet the Judges – Lisa Gulland-Nelson

Meet the Judges – Lisa Gulland-Nelson


Where do you work and what do you do?

I work at the Greater FM Economic Development Corporation, and I’m in charge of marketing and public relations.


How many years have you been an Innovation Challenge judge?

This will be my third year judging.


What is your favorite part of judging Innovation Challenge?

I love meeting with the students and learning about their idea or product. It’s great to see their excitement, and it’s fun to watch their progress from the first proposal to the final judging. They really do a great job and make a lot of improvements.


Why is innovative thinking important?

Innovative thinking is important whether you are creating your own company or working for someone else. Of course it’s how new products are made, but it’s also how we improve upon what’s already out there.


One piece of advice for students who are about to enter the workforce

Work hard, think creatively and don’t be afraid to ask questions.