NDSU Libraries Relaunch 3D Printing

Congratulations to NDSU Emerging Technologies Services Coordinator (ETSC), Jake Clark, for becoming one of the newest staff members to NDSU Libraries. The ETSC is a new position within the library which will manage the Libraries’ 3D printing service and other emerging technologies.


Jake Clark is the founder of Fargo 3D Printing and has over 8 years of CAD experience with 5 years of additive manufacturing expertise. Jake joined the NDSU family for the opportunity to work with a wide variety of campus partners to introduce new technologies and ideas like makerspaces to the campus.


Starting spring semester of 2018, 3D printing hours will be extended from 10hrs/week to whopping 45hrs/week! This will allow for greater access to in-person support. A new online submission process and pricing structure will be introduced. Online submission will allow students, faculty, and staff to submit prints remotely be it their first time or 100th time submitting a job. A NDSU 3D staff member will review the parts, and desired settings, to provide the patron a cost estimate for prior approval. Previously, a clunky in-person model was implemented followed by a restrictive online submission process that didn’t allow for part costing before printing. New pricing of $0.25/gram will also make larger parts more cost effective compared to other on-campus services. This switch was based on previous feedback from patrons in which case the parts were small on material usage but physically large.


Other items that will be implemented throughout the 2018 spring semester will be tours and workshops. Tours will allow individuals to see behind-the-scenes processes that go into making your part. Tour signup can be found on the last tab of our 3D Printing Services page. Workshops will also be a new addition to the 3D printing to help guide individuals on how to properly design for 3D printing and other processes.


There will be a 3D Printing Meetup at the Main Library on February 6 if you’d like to learn more!


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