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As a student-focused, land grant, research institution, North Dakota State University serves the citizens of the state and conducts research that also helps solve challenges of the nation and the world. NDSU research and creative activity is diverse, productive, and thriving, and holds much potential for further exploration and collaboration.


NDSU’s talented professionals collaborate with other researchers and partner with business to discover unique approaches, create marketable applications and build economic opportunities for the region. Our common goal is to add to the body of knowledge across many disciplines. Browse the Vice President’s for Research and Creative Activities site to learn more about our successes, as well as our promise of what is to come.


The vision of the NDSU Research & Technology Park is to be a catalyst for innovation in science and technology that will contribute to North Dakota’s economic development. We are doing it right here, today, in a positive and forward-looking atmosphere with innovators and companies that embrace our global sensibility.


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Interested in learning more? Contact our team at the information below.

Jolynne Tschetter
Executive Director, Corporate & Foundation Research Relations
NDSU Office of Research and Creative Activity
Phone: 701.231.6743
Email: jolynne.tschetter@ndsu.edu

Search for Scholars

Whether you’re looking for research or consulting expertise, research collaborators, graduate school possibilities, or more, our Search for Scholars is the place to start. Through Search for Scholars, you can locate the exact expertise, partner, or answer you’re looking for.


Visit NDSU’s Search for Scholars website if you are a looking for subject matter experts, research collaborators, or graduate school opportunities.

Search for Scholars

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Search for Scholars

Equipment Database

Here is the place to start, if you are a company, individual or faculty member looking for cost-effective access to NDSU Core Laboratories and technical equipment.  Search for capabilities and equipment by using keywords, equipment classification or by Colleges and Departments – you choose!


This site was created for businesses, university researchers, students, and others interested in specialized equipment and capabilities available at NDSU. The initial launch lists equipment with an acquisition cost over $35K, however the current database is being expanded to include any available equipment.

Equipment Database

Search the NDSU Equipment Database

Equipment Database