New Hire: Callie

Joining us from just outside Boston, MA, Callie Klinkmueller takes on the role of Communications & Program Coordinator for the NDSU Research & Technology Park. She is our one-woman marketing department as well as coordinator for the Innovation Challenge program at NDSU.


“We are very excited to have Callie join the staff of the Research Park to tell the story of the great things going on at the Park and with our clients. She is gifted and has a passion for working with people.” RTP Executive Director Chuck Hoge said, “Not only will she be a valuable member of the Research Park team, she will be an outstanding citizen in our community.”


With a degree in Strategic Communication from High Point University and a background in programmatic advertising, she is ready to dive into the Incubator, tell client stories and help students succeed in their educational and entrepreneurial endeavors. An avid photographer and musician, she is excited to explore the Fargo community and call it home. She will be the lead contributor on the Tech Park blog.


In her own words


Top 3 Reasons Why I Chose Fargo:


Big city variety with a small-town feel


As a 6-week resident of Fargo, I am overwhelmed by the variety of arts organizations, restaurants and communities to participate in. Fargo offers a lot of options while maintaining the small-town community feeling that drew me to North Dakota in the first place.


Energy and support for startups and small business


Fargo is home to a thriving variety of startups and small businesses and it is inspiring to see the community so involved in supporting these entrepreneurial efforts. Events like 1 Million Cups, Startup Drinks and Innovation Challenge allow for businesses and ideas to form and grow while getting valuable feedback from their biggest fans and supporters. You can feel the energy here; it’s an electric environment to walk in to.


The opportunity to work with smart students and a great team


Every time I meet with a student about their Innovation Challenge idea I feel like I am getting a glimpse into the future. They are seeking out innovative solutions to a wide range of issues facing the Fargo community as well as the global community.

The team here at the Research Park has been so wonderful helping me to settle in and navigate my new home. I am very excited to work beside such smart and innovative people.


Email Callie for RTP media inquiries, Innovation Challenge information or to recommend your favorite local restaurant/coffee shop.