North Dakota is Filled with Culinary Experiences

North Dakota is Filled with Culinary Experiences

It’s no secret that Americans love good food and will travel far and wide in search of their next best meal. A recent survey by AAA uncovered that an estimated 22 million Americans expect to take a culinary-focused vacation over the next year, with adventures ranging from winery tours to full-immersion cooking courses. Visitors to North Dakota are no exception to this trend and they are delighting in the local cuisine and food-focused fun they are discovering.



Travel along North Dakota’s very own Culinary Trail ( and get a taste for the region’s local fare, whether enjoying lake-caught walleye at Bismarck’s Pirogue or sampling pheasant strips at 10 North Main in Minot. The Medora Musical is renowned for its musical entertainment, but food lovers will relish the Food Network’s “Best Of” Pitchfork Fondue ( prior to the performance. Tour North Dakota’s only culinary herb farm and take advantage of the classes offered on herb cooking, growing and crafting (



Scandinavian and German roots run deep in North Dakota, and nowhere is this more evidenced than in the state’s desserts. Visit local bakeries, explore a farmer’s market or just check out hometown grocers to sample uniquely North Dakotan treats like kuchen – German for cake – or Norway’s version of flatbread – called lefsa – to explore flavors from years past.



Inspired by life on the farm in North Dakota, popular food blogger Molly Yeh will be featured in a brand-new series on the Food Network, Girl Meets Farm (premiering June 24 at 11a|10c), where she’ll offer up personal recipes and her unique take on food, family traditions and farmhouse life. (



Whether you are looking to try your hand at a cooking class (, to discover the wines of a North Dakota vineyard ( or to simply taste the fresh and delicious fare of this prairie landscape, a culinary adventure awaits you in North Dakota.



These are just a few of North Dakota’s culinary adventures. For more information, go to or phone 701-328-2525 or 800-435-5663.



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