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Entrepreneurs Wanted!


The Technology Incubator is currently accepting applications from entrepreneurs focused in the following industries: Bio-sciences, Material Sciences, Information Technology and Advanced Manufacturing.


To apply, follow the selection process outlined below.


Selection Process


Contact the NDSU Research & Technology Park: Please contact John Cosgriff, Incubator Manager, by phone at 701.499.3600 or email john@ndsuresearchpark.com to discuss your business venture and schedule an initial meeting.


Submit an Executive Summary: Submit an Executive Summary of your business to john@ndsuresearchpark.com. Your Executive Summary should include a brief description of your business, product(s), market characteristics, financials, goals, and management.


Initial Meeting: During the initial meeting with the Incubator Manager, you will be asked to present a PowerPoint presentation to better introduce us to your business.


Application Process: After the initial meeting, and determining a potential fit of your business with the Technology Incubator, the formal application process begins:


  1. Application: You will be asked to complete an application, which requires the submission of a business plan and in-depth description of your business.
  2. Panel Interview: The Incubator Manager, a portion of the Advisory Board, and/or industry specialists will formally interview you and/or representatives of your business.
  3. Advisory Board Meeting: Following your presentation to the Advisory Board, the Board will meet to review your application. The Board will make a decision regarding your acceptance into the program and make a recommendation as to the appropriate length of occupancy.


Evaluation Criteria


  1. Applicant should be a new business start-up, or new division of an existing company, focused on the innovation and commercialization of new products in a primary sector business.
  2. Applicant should demonstrate business concepts and goals that are well defined, technology based, and well aligned with the mission and objectives of the Technology Incubator, NDSU Research & Technology Park, and North Dakota State University.
  3. The business must be within one of the technology sectors supported by the Technology Incubator.
  4. Applicants must have a product, or developed product concept, and must not be in pure research mode.
  5. The applicant must present a management team that is capable of handling the technical aspects of the business or understands how to obtain needed technical assistance.
  6. The applicant must have a product, technology, or service that can benefit from the value-added services provided by Technology Incubator, Advisory Board, Coaches/Mentors, and the business network. In addition, the applicant must have the future ability to graduate from the incubator and become a successful part of the business community.
  7. Applicant should demonstrate the potential for business growth and job creation.
  8. The applicant must show the ability to pay rent while working towards an equity investment and/or developing a positive cash flow that will allow them to sustain operations over time.
  9. The applicant must not be in direct competition with another start-up already located in the Technology Incubator.

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