Student Opportunity

Young professionals are critical to any talent acquisition strategy. NDSU Research & Technology Park and particularly the Technology Incubator are committed to providing students opportunities to be exposed to a fast paced and innovative work environment. The high-growth entrepreneurial businesses housed at the Incubator engage the students with real-world business scenarios and hands-on technology applications. The student can enhance their academic experience with applied knowledge that directly boosts their career development.


On the flip side, the Technology Incubator tenants and their clients can augment their staff with enthusiastic and engaged team members. The students bring fresh perspectives and core skills that can be leveraged to get key tasks and projects done. It is also a way for the student and employer to test the waters and identify future permanent employment.


Everyone wins!


NDSU Scholarships

Learn about NDSU scholarships by visiting the Office of Admission page on the NDSU website.