Helping farmers make confident and proactive business decisions



FARGO, ND, – Nick Horob, the Founder of Harvest Profit, a Farm Management Software company, helps farmers make more profitable business decisions by giving them real-time insight into the inner workings of their operations.


“Our tools enable our customers to confidentially capture short lived market opportunities, helping farmers manage their operations more effectively, ultimately resulting in better management of profit and risk, increasing their bottom line.”

           – Nick Horob, Harvest Profit Founder


What started as basic consulting evolved into a full-service farm management software company in 2016. Horob noticed that many farmers operate their business decision by using pen-and-paper, basic spreadsheets, or some simply “go with their gut instincts.” While experience speaks volumes and instinct can work in many situations, Harvest Profit provides a birds-eye-view of farming expenses, production costs, and profitability, complete with an analysis of each individual field, to help farmers increase their bottom line. Small decreases in expenses can lead to significant increases in overall profits by creating a ripple effect in the budget.


“Software development isn’t just the future, it’s the now. We need to encourage others to share their story and bring in good talent from the universities and out of state.”

– Nick Horob, Harvest Profit Founder


Harvest Profit moved into the NDSU Incubator in 2017 and began growing their team. The NDSU Incubator provides a wide range of programs and services to assist startup companies through: access to financing, technical and business assistance, market research, management consulting, and shared services in a state-of the art facility.  Horob states that, “Entrepreneurship can be isolating, the Incubator provides, not only a workspace but a community to network and connect with others who are on a similar journey. They also provide incredible resources and coaching within the staff there, and access to others who are able to help entrepreneurs get the ball rolling.”


To learn more about Harvest Profit visit: https://www.harvestprofit.com/about-us or email support@harvestprofit.com.


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