Celebrating 10 years of business in 2019 with new features and services

FARGO, ND MinnDak Computer Services started in 2009 in Rothsay, MN. Chris Buckingham, CEO and founder of MinnDak Computer Services has developed and grown his business to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry. As information technology (IT) services evolve, so do the tools and tricks of the “bad guys,” who are responsible for data stealing, identity theft, phishing scams, and much more.



MinnDak makes a commitment to each of its customers to become not just their service provider but a partner in their business. “MinnDak creates strategic business technology partnerships. We focus our energy on being highly proactive and to a level that exceeds other IT service providers,” says Buckingham when asked what people need to know about MinnDak Computer Services. They help to put out fires related to IT before they become drastically problematic.



MinnDak has launched their new line of services in Dark Web Monitoring and Security Awareness Training, both sound rather ominous, but improve the safety and success of any business. Dark Web Monitoring happens after the scams or phishing occurs, and the users’ data is sold at auction to the highest bidder. Anything from credit cards, to addresses, and social security numbers are sold off rapid-fire on a virtual black market. “It’s a billion-dollar industry for the bad guys,” Buckingham warns. MinnDak is able to conduct courtesy Dark Web checks for anyone. These services are available to any business, of any size, they do not need to be a current or continual MinnDak IT customer, this is a separate branch of service for the IT company.



The new training programs are online modules for any business, they do not need to be specifically a MinnDak client. Company employees are trained to become a human firewall and are taught to recognize the signs of potential scams and issues. They are trained, tested, and retrained until they can pass the exams easily. The investment can take up to a year to see effects, but after 12 month the results typically increase from 60 – 70 percent to a 98 percent success rate. Therein reducing overall risks and the costs that happen when employees are caught in scams or data is stolen.



The IT industry is not just focused on what is happening now, companies, especially startups need to be able to focus on the future and what their future holds. According to Buckingham, “there’s not enough people saying they want variety in their jobs, there’s a deficit in general IT support when we need broad spectrum individuals.” Like many of the startups in the NDSU Technology Incubator, MinnDak needs a highly trained and developed workforce to help advance the industry. When searching for additional employees there has been a disconnect between the current need and how a position might evolve. This comes back to the concept of specialists, when recent graduates are looking to work specifically on a single aspect of IT, rather than the current need, then as the company grows, they would grow too and evolve into their specialist role. Buckingham refers to this as the, “need for instant gratification.”



Getting what he wanted right away was not how the CEO and Founder of MinnDak Computer Services built his business which is now a critical component of the NDSU Technology Incubator, a location he selected because, “[it] was clear the facility is proactive about cultivating relationships and providing resources and support. As we continue to grow into the future those are important to our team.” Through the evolvement of his company, he slowly moved into where he is today; a service provider, trainer, and consultant. When asked what advice he had for young entrepreneurs just starting out he says,



“Know your ‘why.’ Know your purpose and be clear on your values and what you stand for. If you’re not clear on those, you’ll be frustrated in everything else later on.”

                                  – Chris Buckingham, CEO & Founder, MinnDak Computers



To learn more about MinnDak Computer Services visit: http://www.FargoIT.com or call the office at 701-356-6819.



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