#TechParkTenant Genesis Feed Technologies

#TechParkTenant Genesis Feed Technologies

FARGO, ND, – As harvest winds down, we sat with Peter Schott, co-founder of Genesis Feed Technologies to highlight their business and the incredible opportunities they provide farmers. Genesis Feed Technologies is a software platform company based in the Technology Incubator of the NDSU Research & Technology Park. Genesis Feed Technologies helps feed ingredient buyers understand the true value of ingredients. The platform connects buyers with producers to streamline the buying process. Additionally, the Genesis Platform assists feed manufacturers share information with their customers and dealers. Genesis Feed Technologies provides the farm to fork story for animal feed.



In 2016, Schott and co-founder Matthew Clark determined there was a need for mobile technology within the livestock feed industry. Having been friends for over six years and leveraging the other’s knowledge about the industry, it was an easy partnership to form. “Dumb luck, hard work, and persistence,” says Schott when asked how the business of Genesis Feed Technologies became operational. Dumb luck is undoubtedly a minuscule part of the development. The technology, strategic connections, building a network, and finding the right people to sustain their team is what makes it work. In January 2017, their first paying customer was from Brazil.



As Genesis Feed Technologies advances and moves forward they find themselves in need of an advisory board comprised of individuals with passion, perspective, and knowledge in the agricultural industry. The software industry is growing, and the workforce needs to develop to meet the rising needs of companies all over the country. Genesis Feed Technologies is not alone in needing a highly trained workforce and graduates with a drive to learn all they can to succeed.



“[Universities] need to help develop the workforce with hands-on and practical experiences. Students need internships, and to learn how to navigate the business world, how to take responsibility, plan for their careers, and how to communicate with others.”

– Peter Schott, Co-founder, Genesis Feed Technologies



One of the many benefits of being part of the Technology Incubator is having direct access to students as potential interns and future employees. Schott jokes, “the free parking,” was one of the reasons he moved his startup into the Research & Technology Park’s Incubator. “It’s much more than that,” he says, “it’s the support from the administrative staff, the different speakers they bring in, and the access to leadership. It’s space with benefits.” The Incubator provides all companies housed within its walls access to coaching, professional conference rooms, and community.



“We are around other entrepreneurs and startup leaders on a day to day basis that are either at the same point I am at, or ahead of me. I have access to advice and can bounce ideas off the other people within the building. It’s a community.”

– Peter Schott, Co-founder, Genesis Feed Technologies



For more information about Genesis Feed Technologies visit http://www.genesisfeedtech.com/ or email: contact@genesisfeedtech.com



The NDSU Research & Technology Park is dedicated to enhancing the investments in North Dakota State University by the citizens of North Dakota. Through partnerships with international, national, and regional centers of excellence, as well as high technology-based businesses and the research community at NDSU, we help develop technology-based businesses and broaden the economic base of North Dakota.

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