#TechParkTenants September Feature: Be More Colorful

#TechParkTenants September Feature: Be More Colorful

Matt and Katie Chaussee, the founders of Be More Colorful, have gone through a whirlwind of a year. In just the last 12 months they have sold their house, most of their possessions, downsized to a single car family, moved into an apartment in downtown Fargo, and put all of their assets into their business. As a startup they had to risk it all for the company they believe in.


Be More Colorful creates real world virtual reality solutions to showcase businesses and communities.


The small startup within the NDSU Research & Technology Park presents new technology in an emerging industry. As with anything new, they face the hurtles of their customers not know who they are or understanding what precisely they do. The 360-degree media is a type of virtual reality (VR) that can be a variety of different forms, photos, video, or what most people think of when they think VR, a 3-D image displayed on goggles for a videogame. Matt and Katie create an emotional connection between all of us, and places we want to be.


On the opposite side of things, they have the unique ability to engage with the businesses they work with providing the back-end data about how each of their virtual tours is performing. Be More Colorful is the only 360-degree company that not only capture the photos that help visitors connect from afar, they also provide analytics on each of the miniature tours that are posted, allowing businesses to find out what people are interested in. For example, Wild Terra Cidery, one of their many clients, has multiple rooms therefore multiple tours you can take. Be More Colorful not only takes the high-quality photos for the tour that make you want to visit but based off each miniature tour they can report back to Wild Terra which areas site seers are viewing.


The Be More Colorful portfolio is growing and ready to take on more projects. They provide a variety of services including 360-degree still images and videos, Google Street view tours, augmented reality, and  virtual and augmented reality consulting. Imagine touring the inside of a building with all the ease of a Google Street map, embedding yourself in your next adventure, learning your way around a town so you feel like a local! Be More Colorful is here to help, creating real-world virtual reality solutions.



To learn more about Be More Colorful visit their website: https://www.bemorecolorful.com/default.aspx or  the NDSU Research & Technology Park Incubator.