‘Tis the Season to Graduate

NDSU Research & Technology Park Celebrate Two More Incubator Graduates


OpGo Marketing and Red Diamond Coatings are moving forward from their incubation phase. They have proven their concept and are ready to move forward in the market expanding their customer base.


OpGo Marketing makes marketing more efficient by measuring the current efforts and their effects to maximize a businesses’ return on their marketing investment. They are an extension of a company’s marketing team that helps to create accountability and provide successful avenues for marketing efforts. Tiffanie Honeyman, CEO of OpGo Marketing is moving her business to Broadway in the Black Building. OpGo currently has provided assistance and consulting for over 40 businesses across seven states. Tiffanie’s goal for OpGo is to work as an integrated component of existing marketing strategies to maximize the results of a businesses’ marketing plan.


“Through the Incubator OpGo was able to get various startup funding, including the Innovate ND grant. The Incubator provided assistance in the application, completion and training during the grant period. This was just one of many opportunities that entrepreneurs have at the Incubator. There’s probably 10 – 20 things I didn’t know about starting a business, but the Incubator is a safe place to learn and to grow. The team there is knowledgeable and beyond willing to help a startup in any way they can. They bring in speakers and the collaboration between companies is unrivaled”


– Tiffanie Honeyman, CEO, OpoGo Marketing


Red Diamond Coatings makes eco-friendly “super–paints.” The products are stronger than epoxy, easy to clean, waterproof, fireproof, and will last a lifetime above or below fresh or salt water, even in battery acid. Brad Kubela, CEO of Red Diamond has over a decade of research in the polymers and coatings industry and will be launching his product internationally.


“After due diligence, I found, the Incubator in the NDSU Research & Technology Park provided access to an incredible entrepreneurial community and excellent connections to the university, with their outstanding polymer and coatings researchers.”

–Brad Kubela, CEO, Red Diamond Coatings


Brad will be relocating to Greenville, South Carolina to secure manufacturing and be close to critical chemical suppliers and a large international seaport for exporting. Through the connections he made at the Incubator he was able to reach out to other companies to collaborate on manufacturing of his product. He credits the Incubator and John Machacek, Senior VP of Finance & Entrepreneurial Development of the GFMEDC, for his ability to have such a smooth transition.


“The support mechanisms of your fellow entrepreneurs through founders’ meetings, networking, the support from the staff, free advice, and mentor relationships with the Incubator and your peers that are alongside you, are the reason I chose to come back to North Dakota.”


–Brad Kubela, CEO, Red Diamond Coatings


These companies join other Incubator graduates including, c2renew, Discovery Express Kids, Intelligent InSite’s, Pedigree Technologies, Appareo, Myriad Mobile and Fargo 3D Printing, all, of which are located in Fargo.


“We are very proud of OpGo and Red Diamond Coatings. Both companies worked diligently to use all the resources available to them through the Park and develop their businesses. They are clearly ready to expand and we wish them the best as they advance their companies.”


–Chuck Hoge, Executive Director, NDSU Research & Technology Park


The Technology Incubator in the NDSU Research & Technology Park is a space for innovative technology startups to advance the North Dakota Economy through the creation of new startups.


The NDSU Research and Technology Park is dedicated to enhancing the investments in North Dakota State University by the citizens of North Dakota. Through partnerships with international, national, and regional centers of excellence, as well as high technology-based businesses and the research community at NDSU, we help develop technology-based businesses and broaden the economic base of North Dakota.

NDSU Research and Technology Park is a 501 c (3) non-profit corporation is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


For more information on the graduates please visit their websites: https://opgomarketing.com/ and https://www.reddiamondcoatings.com.